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We are pleased to provide a FREE job board platform to individuals seeking employment in the automotive tech and skilled trades fields! Our service is free to job seekers and allows them to upload their resume, and search for jobs based on things like location, full time or part-time, and the actual type of job. Companies can also utilize TechConnect to post job openings where applicants can apply if they feel like it’s a good match.

How is TechConnect different from other sites?

We are dedicated to the automotive tech and skilled trades fields.

How does it work?

It’s easy! Simply click the button below to register. You will need to verify your account with a working email. Once you have done that you may post your resume and your profile. You will then be entered into our resume database where employers may view your resume and reach out to you.

By signing up you may also search all job listings and apply for jobs directly. Employers will be instantly notified of your application and will be able to reach out to you directly.

You may remove resumes and update them. Conversely, you may have multiple different resumes to apply for different types of jobs.

And lastly, you may delete your account at any time.