Brett Pfeil, Alma, Nebraska
Field of Study: Automotive Technology

More Than One Path Scholarship Winner

I chose this career path because I have always been fascinated with vehicles and the different parts that make them work. From the engine to the transmission and suspension, vehicles have always piqued my interest and helped me choose this career. My parents bought me my first pickup. It was a 77” Ford F-150 that was rusty and needed some work to get running. Once we got it home I went straight to work trying to see what all needed to be fixed. After a few long nights with help from my dad, the engine fired up and roared with life. With the feeling of achievement rushing over me, I took off down the road to see how well it ran and rode. After I got the engine running and everything was working properly, I knew that this was the career for me.

Later in the year, while I was driving to a football game, the engine suddenly backfired and burst into flames. After I used one of the school fire extinguishers, I saw the true damage that the fire had done to the engine. A feeling of fear came over me as I thought of what my dad would have to say about this. To my surprise, he wasn’t mad or upset that this had happened. The next morning I started looking for parts that needed to be replaced. With a little help from my dad, I got it running again and haven’t had a problem with it since.

Some of my most desired career goals involve going to college, having no student loans or debt, becoming a full-time mechanic, and owning my own shop where I can work as much as I want. By acquiring multiple scholarships, I will be able to attend and afford college to make my career goals possible. I would also like to get out of college without any student loans or debt so I can save up more to buy the tools I need and other important supplies. Getting scholarships will help me meet my goals.